5th November 2018

Wedding Cake Styles trending in 2018/2019

Taking a look at Wedding cake styles emerging as the popular choice for this year and next..

Wedding cakes come in so many forms with decoration ranging from minimalist to elaborate displays. With so much to choose from, i’ve often find couples are a little perplexed when the decision time comes around. Let’s have a look at a five different wedding cake styles that are making noise around Shoreham and Brighton.

Naked cakes

These simple but eye catching cakes are exactly as they are named. They lack the usual dressing of icing with everything below being exposed. Typically made up from victoria sponge, naked Wedding cakes are often three tiers or more. They are very often finished with a light touch of fresh fruit. As with all custom cakes, these features aren’t absolute, with many flavours and decorative touches available. These beautiful wedding cakes tend to feel more like a light, fresh dessert and move away from the heavy sugar crust feel of fondant covered designs.

Feature to consider.. naked chocolate sponge with fresh dark fruits. 

Geode cakes

A more modern and contemporary style of cake, which is guaranteed to catch the eyes of guests. The coloured mineral effects within these cakes are simply beautiful and look like something extracted direct from the ground to dress your cake. Geode effect cakes tend to be finished well with a more minimal feel such as a few larger flowers or without any additions at all. With the introduction of marble effect cakes into recent popular trends, a combination of a Marble effect covering with a Geode front might be just what you’re looking for. 

Feature to consider.. have your Geode colour matched to your colour scheme.

geode wedding cake styles Shoreham By Sea

Marble cakes

These cakes are really increasing in popularity and are becoming a top choice for wedding cakes in 2019. They can be produced in a wide range of colours and shades and require little decor to acquire a stunning effect. Orders for marble style wedding cakes tend to be based around shades of greys, silvers and light blues, although if this doesn’t suit your colour scheme, they look great all colours. As mentioned, these designs typically require minimal decoration, but a light cascade of flowers is something to contemplate to finish the overall look. 

Feature to consider.. add a little gold trim to contrast against your light marble effect.

Modern Botanics

The stunning features produced by these modern and increasingly popular wedding cakes really speak for themselves. You’re spoilt for choice with so many options to choose from. Modern Botanics are typically decorated with a watercolour or pastel effect, although not all designs are done with painted flowers. Designs can vary from cakes with fresh flowers to cakes with loosely crafted sugar paste flowers. Either way, these beautiful centrepieces are suitable for any wedding reception room. 

Feature to consider… base your design around your flowers of choice for the day to tie everything in.

modren botanics wedding cake shoreham by sea


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