12th November 2019

Shoreham Christmas Fayre at St Peter’s School

This December, St Peter’s Catholic school will be hosting their annual Shoreham Christmas Fayre. There will be a variety of treats and gift ideas on offer from local businesses, including a cake. table!

I’ll be offering an array of mouth watering goodies to purchase, with topped cupcakes and cookies, or penguin marshmallows for anyone looking for the festive feel. 

This will be a great event for finding a few of those stocking fillers, while supporting local business and the community. What’s better is that all of the money raised will be donated to St Peter’s Catholic School so they can continue to improve what they offer to the children.

The fayre is being held on December 6th within the school grounds from 3pm until 5pm and is open to all St Peter’s pupils and their parents.

There is currently a cake. competition running at school where the children are able to design their own Christmas cake. The winner will have their design made and presented at the cake. table.  Be sure to come over and see it!

The winning design will be announced on the cake. social platforms on December the 5th so be sure to follow and see the final creation! 


Shoreham Christnas Fayre competition sheets


If you’re interested in donating or volunteering towards the Shoreham Christmas Fayre, or St Peter’s school, please contact them via their website

Looking forward to seeing you all there. Don’t forget to come over and say hi!