13th September 2018

Christening cakes and baby events

Extra special cake designs for their big day

Having children myself, I know how important their early years celebrations are. Days like Christenings are rare and so it’s important for every detail to be perfect. With your cake likely being the centrepiece of your venue decor, you want it to look just right.

Every design produced at cake. is hand crafted especially for their day. 

Peter Rabbit Christening cakes Shoreham


Whist offering classic style Christening cakes, I also craft a range of themed designs and modern looks. 

I also provide celebration cakes for early years events such as 

bar mitzvah . holy communion . naming ceremony . baby showers . gender reveal

with a range of designs and fillings available for all types of religions and faiths.


Cupcakes, brownies and towers are also available. These make a wonderful alternative and are easy to share among guests. Cupcakes can also be themed and decorated to suit your requirements.


If you’re not sure what you need or if you’re looking for a little inspiration, get in touch for friendly advice.

Along with Christening cakes and other religious occasions, we also craft cakes for all other early years events, such as baby showers and gender reveals.

gender reveal cake in pink and blues


Early years celebration cakes are freshly produced in Shoreham and available across Sussex.

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