28th June 2019

Cake jars, brownies and treats

Proudly introducing new products from the cake. kitchen! With a variety of cake jars and treats, plus brownie mixes on offer, you can be sure to spoil friends and family. 


What’s a cake jar?

Cake jars are quite simply cake slices and chunks mixed up with layers of butter cream within a preserve type jar. They can be either just cake in a jar, or mixed with additional goodies such as chocolate chip, smashed up crunchy or chunks of brownie! The beauty is that you can have so many of your favourite additions mixed in. The cake in the jars comes in different flavours, too. So if you’re not a chocolate head, you can have your own favourite mix instead. 

cake jars and treats with gift tags and ribbons

What are cake jars good for?

Cake jars are well received for many occasions and make a simple alternative to a main cake. If you’re looking for something quite visual, you can order them with coloured sponge and perhaps a sprinkling of hundreds and thousands!

They’re great for all occasions including,

  • Birthdays
  • Baby showers
  • Weddings
  • Hen parties
  • House parties or just a night in with friends

Everyone will love having their own jar to pop open and dig through with a spoon. Sometimes at events, your guests might not always want to eat their cake straight off and the jars make the ideal way for them to take their portion away.

If you or a friend or family member has an allergy or dietary preference such as gluten intolerance or veganism, they sometimes miss out on a main cake. Cake jars can be made so that an individual jar is specifically made for them, saving them from missing out.

If you’re not sure what to leave on the tables for wedding favours, cake jars might just be your answer!

cake pots shoreham by sea


Not sure what you want in your cake jar?

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your jar fillings before ordering, check out some idea on Pinterest and let me know what you like the look of. Or contact me to chat more in depth about what you need either on 07813 588110, via the contact page or by using a social link below.


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